Does a Reworked Gmail iPad Experience Make the iPad a More Effective Business Tool?

In between all the hype was launched the much awaited iPad, the new digital kid of Apple. Big claims, strong promises and exciting product expectations were the high points of the launch party. But anytime and every time one talks about it what comes out strongly is what it can not do rather than what it can, raising some serious concerns for its inventors.

For all this while, Apple has come out with some ipad trade in value path-breaking devices. The likes of iPod Touch and iPhone were rich in functionality with amazing features not only created a niche of their own, but re-defined the world of online business. They raised the bar for themselves and then fell short of it with the invention of iPad.

Although, Apple still stands true when it comes to the look and the feel of the device, it falls short in the functionality and the kind of features it does not provide.

The first and the foremost, according to me is the lack of Flash support. With more and more websites becoming Flash oriented, a limitation like this can restrict access to a lot of websites that users would want to browse through. The whole marketing agenda of “the best way to experience the web” falls face down on the ground with this limitation.

Secondly, multitasking is not a virtue for this much hyped device. Want to listen to some music while typing an important e-mail, well you can not. Switch back and forth to do a simple task like that.

Handling it might just be yet another problem users might have to face. Whether to safely hold it or to type on the virtual keyboard will always be a matter of concern. Keep it in your lap, and it might just quietly slip out. Other missing features can be listed as the lack of a camera, USB port, video output, inability to run a chat application and the close nature and complete control on the software by Apple.

In spite of all these shortcomings, it does the best in what it does. Connectivity is a real asset as the Wi-Fi is lightning fast so the users are up and online in no time. The fully touch sensitive screen actually provides best of the browsing experience, but this is restricted, again, to the fun part of it.

All said and done, Apple still provides what it is known for worldwide. iPad actually has a lovely looking design, aesthetically pleasing graphics and a market that will see Apple enthusiasts coming out in big numbers to grab the latest. It, no doubt, h