Convenience of Luggage Shipping Services

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Moving to another country, perhaps half the world away? Looking to send some goods to a family member in another continent? With developments and procedures of personal effects shipping made easier, you can easily send out and receive goods locally and/or globally to any destination you prefer. Shipping personal effects can mean anything from household items to gifts and more. There are various rules and regulations when you choose a leading shipping company you are also given an end-to-end shipping solution which includes doorstep pick up of your package to door step delivery as part of the door-to-door shipping.

When you’re looking for personal effects shipping, 미국배송대행  choose a leading freight forwarding service provider that is aware of the regulations and procedures of sending goods to that particular country. Depending on the goods in questions and the laws upon entry, it’s always best to be in the know than out. With shipping advice you will be getting your money’s worth. You can also find out information online – most shipping companies have this information listed for the convenience of their customers.

There are many types of boxes and crates available when you are looking to ship personal effects via freight forwarding companies. They include the likes of the following types:

Tea Chest

Length – 42 CM | Width – 44 CM | Height – 63 CM

Gift Box

Length – 41 CM | Width – 44 CM | Height – 32 CM

Quarter CBM

Length – 83 CM | Width – 50 CM | Height – 52 CM

Half CBM

Length – 121 CM | Width – 81 CM | Height – 60 CM


Length – 121 CM | Width – 81 CM | Height – 105 CM

One & Half CBM